UV Flatbed Printing

UV Flatbed Printing is mostly used to print directly onto Cromadek, Wood, Glass, Tiles, etc, but can also be used on most plastics, PVC and Boards. Flatbed printing is just amazing, able to print on any flat surface, even glass. The moving gantry can even be raised to print on flat media up to 48mm thick – in other words, you can print any design or image onto a regular door, or a tabletop. As long as the object is relatively flat and smooth, and less than 48mm thick. The printer has white ink as well, which offers you even more freedom when printing on various surfaces.

Ink: The Flatbed Printer uses a UV Latex Ink and it can print White when printing on darker substrates.

Paper type and size: The maximum paper size printable on these machines is 2500mm x 1250mm, yes, 2.5 Meters by 1.250 Meters

Flatbed Printing – Why? Flatbed printing gives you the opportunity to print DIRECTLY onto the substrate that you want, not like it was normally done, by first printing it on Vinyl, and then applying it to the substrate. Also, we use UV inks, which last a lot longer under South African conditions. The conclusion is that the printing will last a lot longer, as you have no vinyl that can peel off, inks that fade, etc.

Fast turn-around time. We can do small or large quantities on request.