Large Format Poster Printing

Large Format Poster Printing is mostly used for printing of Banners, Posters, Canvas, Blacklight Film, Vinyl, Contra-Vision and various other materials.

Ink: The machine uses water-based Latex inks which dry quickly. It prints in a variation of CMYK & light Cyan and light Magenta, to keep tones continues.

Paper type and size: As it prints from Rolls of paper, 1.360m wide, and up to 50 meters long, so the sky is just about the limit with this printer.

Large Format Latex Printing – Why? Customers walking into our shop can watch the printer print without wearing a mask, it has no smells! HP Latex Inks produce virtually odourless prints. The water-based inks are nonflammable and noncombustible and, unlike many “eco-solvent” inks, they do not require hazard warning labels and contain no hazardous air pollutants. 

Large Format Poster Printing is one of our services we offer our clients to help them promote their businesses. We also do Canvas Printing for your personal and business use. 

Fast turn-around time available. We can do small or large quantities.