Duplicator Printing

Duplicator Printing, prints at a very high speed, around 6000 A4 per hour, with black ink only, but the running costs are extremely low!

The Duplicater Printer uses plates, similar to the Litho Offset, but these plates are made from paper and wax, so the cost is very low. It services the market of cheap leaflets, small internal booklets, Pay Packets, etc. 

Ink: Duplicator printing uses liquid oil-based ink, which gets absorbed by the paper. Paper type and size: The maximum paper size printable on these machines is 297 x 420mm (A4). The machines are made to print on 60 – 160gsm paper and board, that is NOT COATED, also please be aware that you have, especially on thin paper, a show-through on the pages.

Duplicator Printing – Why? Duplicators are an economical way of printing in a single colour. The quality is not the greatest, it prints up to 300dpi, single colour, double-sided, and therefore has its very important place in the market.

Fast turn-around available. Only for large quantities