CD and DVD Printing

Use: Remember how we all used to try and get the stickers onto CD’s or DVD’s, mounted in the centre and without and folds, or they just peel off again – and pray that this does not happen in the drive. What are the other advantages of printing directly onto a CD/DVD instead of printing a label and attaching it to the disc? The answer again is cost, as you don’t need to purchase discs and adhesive labels, but only the disks, and you avoid a lot of frustration. Ink: The Printer uses quick-drying Inkjet Inks that are specially made to hold onto the disks. Direct CD/DVD Printing – Why? It’s an easy, one-step process. You won’t have to waste time dealing with label placement, and you avoid possible damage to your CD/DVD drive or player, which can sometimes occur with labels that peel off from heat, wear and time. Many manufacturers of CD and DVD drives warn customers against using adhesive labels on CDs or DVDs because the adhesive label could peel off and damage the drive.