Social Responsibility

Thank you Erik and Annetjie

Everyone has their social responsibilities in life. We at Copy2Print were looking for a very long time to find the “right” organisation to support. We were looking for an organization, where there is a real need, where we really would be involved, and where we really could make a difference. We finally decided on an orphanage in Hartbeespoort Dam area.

Children are the future of our country and they did not ask to be here. It is our responsibility as parents and the community, to look after our children and guide them as best as we can. Unfortunately there are some people in our society that for some or other reasons cannot fulfill these responsibilities. At the end of the day, the poor children are the ones that suffer. This is very sad but very true. Being in the educational sector, we understand and it is very important to us, that children get an education, but to also make sure that they are able to keep up this education with a decent nutrition. No person and especially children can concentrate and give their best if their basic needs have not been taken care of.

We finally got an answer to our prayers in the form of Harties Haven, an orphanage for sexually abused and abused children.

Children with School Bags

We started by organising a charity run for them to ensure that those little children, aged from 3 weeks to 14 years, have their own special Christmas. The reception we received at this house from both “parents” and children was amazing. As the “mother” said to us, after we had given the kids their own present, their sweets and food, “it is great to see tears in these little children’s eyes, that are tears of joy and not tears of pain”.

We then organized a charity run for all their school needs, which went off, thanks to our great customers and suppliers, very well – every child was able to have a School Bag, a Lunch Box, and we were able to fulfill all their basic school needs, except, sorry to say, their uniforms.

They are currently in urgent need of dentists and surgeons to help them to better the lives of those children.

Also basic needs, from as small as a soap, over bedding to food is needed on a regular basis. So, if you are able to contribute, remember every little bit helps and every bit is greatly appreciated. To help, please come and visit us at our offices, or just give us a call.

We believe that: